Board of Directors & Committees


The Federation's Community Relations Committee (CRC) monitors issues of human rights, discrimination, Middle East understanding, Soviet Jewry, human services and social action, this department acts as a voice of the Jewish community. From church/state issues to inter-religious affairs, CRC provides a forum and focal point for communal response. Through education, pro-action and counter-action, CRC works closely with others to ensure the security of the community and the protection of rights for all.

Each year, the Allocations Committee grants requests for funding from a large variety of local and regional Jewish and non-Jewish non-profit organizations. The Jewish Federation also values the relationships on the city and state level that we nurture in the general community to promote greater understanding and awareness of Jewish concerns.

Executive Committee

PRESIDENT: Lori Blumenthal


TREASURER: David Schneider       

VP: Glenna Tanenbaum

VP: Jennifer Ephraim

IMED. PAST PRES: Larry Davis



CHABAD: Rabbi Ovadia Goldman

EMANUEL SYNAGOGUE: Rabbi Abby Jacobson

HILLEL: Suzy Sostrin Rainer

TBI: Rabbi Vered Harris

ICSS: Janiece Gratch (TBI)

OU HILLEL Rep.: Ruth Charnay


Board of Directors

Irina Aizenman

Anita Barlow

Cheryl Boswell

Richard Charnay

Karen Craine

Daniel Frankenstein

Linda Gardner       

Ann Louise Olson Gordon

David Goss

Cheryl Herling (Moore)

Dan Markoff

Loren Plotkin

Dr. Michael Pollack    

Matt Reinstein

Yvette Trachtenberg

TBI President: Susan Donchin

ES President: Debra Wolraich