To:       Community Members

From:  Robert Weiss, President & Roberta S. Clark, Executive Director

Re:      Our Community 


Our Jewish Federation has not conducted a survey of our community members and/or those who support our work in many years. In order to continue to strive to meet the needs of our community, it is time for us to formally learn more about you and your family. Through the generous time and talent of Debby Johnson, who has conducted hundreds of studies like this for corporate clients and not-for-profit organizations both locally and nationally, we now have the tool to help us gather this important data. We will be sharing the results of this demographic study with all of our Jewish organizations, so that each organization will have the opportunity to strategically plan programming and financial needs for their respective organizations.  


The survey is very straightforward and will not take long to fill out. Higher participation will ensure better data gleaned to help all of our organizations. Please read through the important points below before you take the survey to ensure we will receive the most accurate data.


A few important points before you access the link for the survey:

  • If there is more than one adult (18+) in the household, please have each adult take the survey and submit it independently. HOWEVER, we just want one answer per individual. If you are a member of multiple Jewish organizations and receive more than one email/link about this survey, please be sure that you only fill the survey out once.
  • If you are a couple with child/ren, please be sure only one of you lists details of your child/ren.
  • These results will be used to better understand demographics as well as to better understand which programs you like, which you may never have heard of, which you don’t like, and most importantly, what kinds of program you would like to see us offer in the future. While the examples are from Jewish Federation programs, the categories of programs will apply to all of our Jewish organizations (young families, young professionals, seniors, etc.); we expect the results to help all of our organizations have a better understanding of where and how we should focus our resources.
  • Please answer all questions honestly – your input is critical to the success of this important study.


Thank you, in advance, for participating in this important study. You can access the survey link here.


We plan to share an executive summary of results and key findings on our website.