Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)


The JCRC works in many ways to serve the Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City, including:


  • As the mechanism for statements on issues of concern, including: well-being of Jews in Oklahoma and around the world; Israel's right to exist as the Jewish homeland; anti-Semitic incidents and issues; a major terrorist attack anywhere in the world; and discrimination towards others based on immutable characteristics. 


  • As the umbrella for social justice programming for the Jewish Federation, including: Mitzvah Corps projects serving many in our community; Israel related advocacy/programming; interfaith outreach and legislative advocacy. See a list of upcoming Mitzvah Corps projects below.



  • By creating advocacy opportunities for members of the Jewish community developing engagement with legislative officials and by partnering with other nonprofit organizations.

JCRC Mitzvah Corps Opportunities


  • This summer we have coordinated a non-perishable drive for toilitries. See all the details, including what you can donate, here.